Agricultural activities started in the 1970s, with crops such as cotton, corn, green leaves and mainly citrus seedlings. In the 1980s, it started producing and commercializing Tahiti limes, and the company has become a pioneer in exports of this fruit.

Nowadays, Citrus Tree is among the biggest producers of Tahiti limes in Brazil, and is always seeking to improve quality of its products and guarantee that production follows social and environmental principles.

Citrus Tree produces, harvests, transports, benefits and commercializes Tahiti limes. Size and packaging follow clients’ requirements.


Citrus Tree complies with its responsibilities in the preservation of the environment and promotes sustainable development

When it comes to the standard of living of its employees and the local communities, the company treats effluent streams and returns them to nature without any contamination.

From the field to the office, the employees can rely on excellent infrastructure and constant training courses

The company is aware of its social responsibility towards the community, thus participating in fund raising campaigns, and also donating food, school supplies, toys and other services to various charities

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